Ethical Consumerism in Business


Ethical consumption (also uses the terms responsible consumption, green consumption) is a type of consumer behavior and consumer activism. This term covers all stages of the life cycle of consumption from purchase to use and disposal of goods. The idea of “ethical” shopping is built on the principles of “vote of dollars.” That is the fact of purchase is an expression of approval of the consumer behavior of the seller. The term “ethical consumption” was popularized by the British magazine “ethical consumer”, which was first published in 1989 (Giesler, M., 2014).

Key Motivalional theories for Employees


Encouraging employees to work within the parameters set by an organization-and to encourage them to work efficiently-is one of the most important goals of an organization. There are a number of important things that managers must do to ensure that employees maintain good work ethic and high levels of motivation, as it is rare for employees to be completely self-motivated.

How has Media Covereage of the Bali Nine changed between 2005 and 2015 – Research paper

There have been many changes in the way the media has covered the Bali Nine events between 2005 and 2015. The changes have been dynamic and have related to the way threats, sadness, anger, and fear are depicted. Over time, the media has become more sympathetic to the plight of Bali Nine and has shown more remorse for their situation.

Case Study on Jeffrey Dahmer

Known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal” due to his affinity for ingesting human flesh, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was a serial murderer and sexual offender that was responsible for the deaths of 17 boys and men between 1978 and 1991. Dahmer was eventually convicted of 15 of those murders and received a life sentence for each in February of 1992 after he was classified as legally sane enough to participate in a trial. When he submitted to psychological evaluations, it was determined Dahmer, who was born in 1960, suffered from a borderline personality disorder.

Career Research Report Sample

Career Research Report


My future profession is Business Management. There are several reasons why I am interested in such a profession. First, business management offers one the chance to develop both as a person and as an employee. Managing other employees is an experience that enables one to learn how to interact effectively with other people and ways of managing conflicts. Additionally, it puts one directly responsible for the implementation of the organization’s objectives that ensure the overall success of the business.

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