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Essay on Critisism

As an essay writer, you will have to create quite a number of critical essays. However, do you fully understand what criticism is? Let’s embark on a metacognitive journey with the author of the following sample and find out!

Essay on Criticism

The meaning of criticism could be interpreted in different ways. When people are asked about its meaning, they will most probably think of the negative feedback. Others will consider it a general emotional reaction. Someone will rather incorporate the culture of literature analysis in the meaning of criticism. The last definition is the one I would like to talk about. Mainly because criticism in literature is extremely interesting type of writing and also because good piece of critical work can create or destroy any previous achievements.

What are the main responsibilities of good critic and what lays foundation for critical analysis of any type of literature work? The first element that is founded on good criticism is experience of the writer, his knowledge of the subject and similar works, as well as perfect understanding of the technical aspects of work. All the above mentioned factors are of a great importance, but, on the other hand, none of them will help in writing proper critical article if critic does not know specifically the intention of work he has to analyse and the purpose of this writing. One of the strongest critics I can think about is Belinskiy, who was analysing, building and destroying works of many great writers and even among the harshest critics his opinion was always respected and accepted as a feedback that should be taken into account. The reason for that is a proper combination of all the qualities that we talked about earlier.

With that in mind, I strongly believe that it is very difficult to become a good critic from the beginning. In order to understand and create significant weight of the words and opinion that you share with the world, you should possess essential knowledge of the subject from the first hands. History and reality show that best critics are born from those who at some point of time were criticised themselves for good or bad works. Only with this knowledge the critic can create credibility and make people value his or her opinion.


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