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Persuasive Essay on Cell Phones in School

Sometimes, we get requests that make us smile, for example, “Please write my essay against smartphones. I have no time for it because I need to beat the high score in Flappy Bird.” You go and have a life. We will always have your back. However, maybe give the sample below a quick glance – it might teach you something.

Cellphones in Schools – Teacher’s Scourge

It is hard to imagine our modern life without some things, and a cellphone is undoubtedly one of them. It is perceived as something so natural and is so taken for granted that it sometimes seems strange how difficult it was only a decade ago to get in touch with somebody you wanted to have an urgent talk. Cellphones make this process fast and easy, and only the person’s wish to answer the call defines whether the talk will be or not be.

If seen as such, a cellphone would have been a great thing for every parent – just give it to your child and you will be able to contact and find him whenever the need arises. But the cellphone has long ago ceased to be just the device for communicating with each other over distance. Because this and only actual function of this device cannot be improved very much, the cellphone has gradually turned into a portable entertainment center, which may be used for listening music, playing games, downloading content and a hundred more ways of losing your time.

It is alright when you are travelling a long distance and have nothing else to do. But when given to a child, moreover, given to a child that attends school – it turns into a constant distracter, which effectively keeps your average child from any thought of his or her studies. It is annoying enough when you hear a cellphone amid the silence; now imagine a couple of dozens of them ringing simultaneously, ringing all the time, emitting sounds of games, cameras, SMS messages coming and sent and so on, and so forth. Any lesson turns into hell for both the teacher and the students who actually intend to do something.

An adult person may be asked to turn a mobile off when he enters a place, where he is supposed to keep silence; a child is much more difficult to be dealt with. It goes without saying that the majority of these little entertainments require this or that amount of money spent, which cannot be tracked by parents who mostly serve as the source of this money. In addition to that, cellphones in schools as a result of peer pressure are used not so much for games and suchlike, but simply to show off and demonstrate how good and expensive toy one possesses, thus leading to wrongly directed competition and additional waste of money.



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