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5 Paragraph Essay about Global Warming

What distinguishes great essay writers from the rest of the ilk? Undoubtedly, the ability to find an original take on even the most well-thumbed topic. See how it’s done in the sample below.

Global Warming as a Political Issue

We have all grown up believing that the world is constantly on the brink of catastrophe, the particular catastrophe being in different periods of time the ozone hole, the global warming (aka greenhouse effect), the nuclear winter or something else, with only two points always the same: the catastrophe is anthropogenic and can only be averted by massive government involvement. The fact that these theories, unprovable and unanswerable due to the limited knowledge we possess, started to appear in the second half of the 20th century, when the governments of some leading countries of the world grew increasingly weary of big businesses and searched desperately for legitimate reasons to expand their control over them, is telltale in itself.

The theory of global warming is an assumption that states that the general temperature on the Earth planet gradually increases due to humanity’s activity, this being primary the emission of greenhouse gases (mostly CO2) of the world’s ever growing industry. It is common knowledge that Earth knew the periods of global Ice Ages and global warmings before, but the proponents of the idea state that now the process is unnatural and may and should be stopped. The only way to stop it, of course, is to limit the industrial production, impose additional taxes on big businesses, making it more difficult for them to grow and expand.

The modern leftist governments of the Western states have accepted this idea open-armed and widely use it in their agendas. Here the question arises – isn’t it too convenient for them to be all that true? A rather recent scandal that has already managed to get a name “Climategate” further elaborates that opinion. A number of personal e-mails of the University of East Anglia, one of the most important contributors to the statistical knowledge on the global warming, became a public knowledge as a result of a hacker attack. They contained rather direct indications of the facts that the members of the University for a number of years cooked up the results of various observations and calculations, pressurized the members of the scientific community that did not agree with the generally accepted idea of global warming and so on.

The people in question presented...


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