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Essay about Teacher

When I used to write my essays for school long hours into the night, I also thought about my teachers who would mark the stacks of the class’ essays. Probably, also long hours into the night. I always appreciated that the struggle is mutual – we are all victims of an imperfect system. The author of the essay below shares this view.

The profession of a teacher is one of the most responsible and vital among all. Being a good teacher is a real challenge for every person, who was brave enough to choose it. These people have a huge responsibility on their shoulders, because along with sharing their precious knowledge, they shape the lives of young and sensitive personalities. That is why all teachers should have one superior objective, that is to become real professionals in their field.

A good teacher is the one who does his best in order to make students want to improve their results and get them interested in the studying process. Teachers have to be very creative, as every child needs an individual approach. Moreover, it is an extremely difficult task to keep attention of a bunch of children.

A good teacher is the one who should be heart- and mind-open to his pupils, as he can work with young people of different backgrounds, ideas, religions and cultures. It is highly important to respect points of views of every child in the classroom.

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One of the most important aspects of teacher’s life is the holiday season. Children like to celebrate Christmas, as it has always been a tradition to make up a letter for Santa and ask him to come to their places with a lot of presents. Teachers have no right to celebrate any kind of religious holidays in the classroom without paying attention to different traditions of cultures all over the world. That is why good teacher will always find a way to meet the interests of every child.

Good teacher will make up a Christmas story and decorate a fir-tree with Christian kids, while making David’s star with Jewish kids. Every teacher has to be sure that everyone of his pupils will get positive experience from everything at his lessons and will have equal chances to do his best in the classroom!


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