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The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway Sample

“The Old Man and the Sea” is a true ode to humanism in general and a particular person’s spirit. It’s only natural that any essay writing service that offers samples to learn from would have one or several papers after this novel by Hemingway.

There have been heroes ever since the existence of humanity. However, wonders about heroism seem to be surprising when dealing with the heroic incidents that are against nature. The narration of The old man and the sea by Ernest Hemingway vividly affirms ways of portraying heroism. There is a fraught of struggles here and there in the book, i.e. endeavors to fight with the nature to prove the heroic strength of the old man.

Inside the content are the anecdotes of an old man and his adventure in the sea as a shrewd fisherman. The man’s heroic nature began to become apparent when he was set into a strange sea spending almost three months without any successful fish catch. While surviving under the mercies of Manolin – his former apprentice who felt the great heat of unlucky fish hunt – the old man confidently dedicated all his efforts to fishing activity day after day hoping that such a situation would cease one day. The culmination of his heroic adventure came true when he swam into the deep waters of the Gulf Stream, the home of Marlin. At the Gulf Stream, a gigantic hungry Marlin got hold of the bait. Here the author skillfully navigated the readers wanting to show sympathy towards the old man and his inability to bring the fish on board. At the same time he negated this stance showing how powerful the fish was to pull the both Santiago and the boat away. Painful as it might have been the old man wound the rope around his body and for 48hrs struggled with Marlin. The rope cut deep in the body every moment Marlin tried to entangle itself but the old man bravely bore every kind of pain. Despite of the physical injuries he received, the old man was ready to give up sleeping: when Marlin’s energy was exhausted, the zealous man stubbed it to death.

I was not pleased much by the struggles that the old man had to face. The most appealing were the issues of struggle and endurance. Being at the sea shore the old man was…


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