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Essay on Root Causes of Stress

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Previously, we used to think about stress as a weakness. Today, people talk about it as an inevitable part of our jobs and day-to-day interaction with the outside world. While in the past we believed that we should try to avoid stress, modern literature and personal and professional trainings teach us how to cope with it. Job descriptions more and more often set “ability to work under pressure” as a requirement. One could even argue that stress becomes a trendy characteristic on the job market as a product for consultants and as an element of well-paid jobs.

In fact, stress is the cause of many human mistakes and de-motivation that is created as a result of dissatisfaction or excessive workload that people have to cope with. With that in mind, credibility and logic behind coping with stress mentality becomes very questionable. If, especially on the job market, organization is wise enough to think strategically about the human capital management, would it look for someone who can deal with stress, created by the company itself? Would it not be more logical, cost-saving and strategic to build operational and corporate strategies in a way that each employee can deal with work without time and stress pressure? I strongly believe that such approach creates more sustainable Human Resource Management in organizations and, as a result, creates win-win situation in the employment relationships. The same logic is applicable in personal time and stress management. It is more reasonable to learn planning in a way that that there is no room for stress, rather than teach your mind and body to cope with your inability to plan and manage your life.

Stress is an artificial notion and people tend to believe that in the modern world stress is an inevitable element of personal and professional development. In fact, it is far from the truth and hopefully this fashion for stress will become a survival of times past shortly.


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