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Go Ask Alice by Anonymous

“Go Ask Alice” is a book about teenage drug abuse. It is hard to read and probably even harder to review. Check out the piece by an essay writer who handled the task.

For decades or centuries the adults have wondered how the teenagers or youngsters get their lives wasted. It is even not surprising that scores of individuals in the present generation fail to have a glimpse over the way they ruin their precious lives. The content of the book Go ask Alice is dedicated for those living in such darkness. It has an array of problems that involve the youths. In general, it’s a book that has strikes much pit or worry on the lives impending to maturity. Is it worth to read such anonymous book?

The author narrates the story of a teenage girl suffering from drug abuse. Within the content of the anecdote, it was in 1970s, an era of nation’s liberties accompanied by drug consumption and misuse that led to indulgence and ruin many lives of youths through drug abuse. Girl named Alice was raised up in a loving family which paid less attention to her life. Her troubles were uncountable, but her parents, sisters and brothers as well as her close relatives never noticed them. Her dairy understood all her problems much better than anyone else. The author shows how Alice was strangely introduced into drug use by an unknown culprit – Joel – the closest friend who she shared much of her life with. Due to the drug overdose Alice founded herself in troubles: she became mentally and physically emaciated. Alice struggled hard to find the way-out of this condition but it appeared to be hard even with the help of psychological therapists. At the end she was so sad that she parted with her life due to this drug consumption and misuse.

The story of Go ask Alice sounds sad after all, but despite the miserable feeling it may arise in the readers, it has great lessons and may be seen as a reference material in teaching the youngsters of the perils of drug abuse. For adults, especially for the parents this book can serve as a reference material of enlightenment of their responsibilities concerning guiding and taking care of the teenagers through interrogatory means to discover the problems the youths might be grappling with.


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