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HR Initiatives in Sony Cooperation

It’s not a secret that essay writing services are popular not only among students but also among business people looking for assistance with reports and other business papers. Such as this overview of Sony Corporation hiring practices and innovative HR initiatives.


The rapid diversification of markets has led to an increased need for competent and talented human resources to ensure continued growth and development. Markets are embracing a global orientation, and this is shown by the attendance of multinational corporations (Duane, 2010). Sony ranks amongst the most renown and a successful multinational corporation since it was established. The company strives to be the market leader in development of technologies, and it indulges in a vast range of products from small technologies to sophisticated machinery. Sony driving force is building on their achievements since success should offer an opportunity to grow further, hence should not be a reason for laxity. Sony continues to offer innovative products and services to suit customer requirements, and such cannot be achieved without a competent and effective human resource (Duane, 2010). The company, therefore, ensures diversity in recruitment and provides a competent and rewarding corporate climate for the diverse workforce that will translate to overall organizational success.

Sony embraces an innovative approach, which far exceeds all regional and national boundaries. Sony recognizes that human resources are one of the crucial aspects in the overall corporate foundation. The company acknowledges that continued provision of innovative products and services will depend on the employees, who have to be selected regardless of their nationalities, age, race, gender, or culture (Punnett, 2004). The company strives at attracting and retaining of employees who are talented in their various fields. It is guided by the principles of diversity and inclusion; hence persons from any background stand an equal chance for selection (Punnett, 2004). Sony utilizes a diversity recruitment technique that intends to choose the best workers from all over the world. This has brought board employees who carry their talents and capabilities into full play. Sony also creates a positive working environment and is focused on teamwork, meaning workers are able to learn from each other and function as a single unit (Duane, 2010).


Sony carries out various HR initiatives that offer challenges to its daily operations. Among these initiatives are recruitment and selection, training, performance appraisal, career development, job evaluation, compensation and reward systems. These are the finest HR functions carried out in various organizations. Each of these initiatives impact Sony in various means and is; therefore, the key factors in the HR department. Three of the most imperative factors are recruitment and selection, training, and performance appraisal (Punnett, 2004). The three majorly affect Sony, being a multinational corporation that operates in diverse fields. Performance appraisal, for instance, will depend on the country that the employees are based on as well as the parameters used. The three, nevertheless, are aimed at securing human resources that are capable of transcending both regional and national boundaries.

Sony, throughout development to become a multinational corporation, has adopted new strategies for recruiting, which are expected to be capable of attracting individuals who can fit effectively in the corporate structure. The prime activities conducted by Sony are manufacturing, sales, and research and development (Torrington, 2004). Since it is based in different countries, Sony is functioning towards localization of these operations in their various areas of jurisdiction. Recruitment should be aimed at securing local human resources capable of responding to the varied customer needs. The purpose of securing talented human resources is critical to facilitate continued growth of the global business. Since the majority of operations are vigorous, Sony requires a vibrant workforce, and this has facilitated the need to recruit university graduates (Torrington, 2004).

Graduate recruitment efforts have been eased by the cooperation of the local Sony companies in countries of operation, which ensures that top-level human resources are secured before their competitors. Succeeding recruiting, Sony provides the new recruits with the training required to perfect their duties to be delegated to them (Dessler, 2010). If they come from other countries, Sony initiates learning of the new languages if the recruits are not familiar with them. Communication is vital in any organizational set up, and it is what keeps operations up and running. The company has put in place a Global Internship Program, which attracts university students from all over the world (Dessler, 2010). Recruiting is also facilitated by the massive research facilities that Sony has set up worldwide.

Training goes hand in hand with the development. Precisely, training is meant to develop the skills and talents of the workforce with an aim of improving their professionalism in their various fields (Dessler, 2010). Training plays a key role in any organization, and Sony is no exception. The changes in technology, Sony needs to embrace these innovations to avoid the risk of being competed out. The technological world is extremely dynamic; consequently, there is a necessity for training to be constantly conducted to workers to inform them of the new products and services they would like to produce in the future, as well as the potential improvements to the current products (Dessler, 2010). Sony recognizes that the employees are the most vital assets to enable growth hence training is a crucial management foundation. Sony works towards achievement of personal growth for employees and enhance motivation through training, and this is achievable by offering a variety of programs meant to enhance individual skills and abilities.

Performance appraisal is the human resource process of rating the performance of employees through a prescribed set of standards (Torrington, 2004). It is through performance appraisal that the company identifies employees who are best performers with those performing dismally. Best performers are usually the top candidates for promotion; hence, performance appraisal is vital in improving the performance of employees (Torrington, 2004). Personnel in Sony is hence motivated to strive and achieve both organizational and individual goals and objectives to ensure good rating during performance appraisal. The human resource department, therefore, plays an essential role in the Sony Corporation since it ensures the recruitment, training, and development of competent employees, as well as appraisal to determine their individual performances.


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