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Critical Essay about Heart of Darkness

Some students turn to our essay writing service because they are confused about a particular format. For example, how is a critical essay different from just an essay about a book? The sample below demonstrates all the trappings of critical writing.

“Heart of Darkness” was written by Joseph Conrad and was first published in 1899 as a series of three stories in the Blackwood’s Magazine. Later, in 1902, it was issued as a separate book. Nowadays this book is considered to be classic and is included in modern pre-college reading program.

Main character of the story, the narrator, is named Charles Marlow. The entire book is based on his stories about a travel to Congo under the Belgian trading company. What is remarkable about the novel is that it contains true facts and some biographical episodes. J. Conrad spent a part of his life living in South Africa. The beauty of the jungle, as long as their darkness are shown very clearly.

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“Heart of darkness” is not just a simple story – it is a psychological novel, showing how corruption and power could change people to the worst side. Main darkness is concentrated inside the characters’ personality. Human nature in this novel is dual. Marlow had to search for a company agent Kurtz, who was supposedly kidnapped by the local people. When Marlow finally finds Kurtz and understands whom he turned into, he understands that the personality of this man had changed to unrecognizable level.

This novel is going far beyond simple story-telling. It concentrates upon…


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