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Essay on Dramatic Poesy

Writing an essay about a 1668 essay about writing is so meta! The essay writer who penned the sample below definitely digs this.

Dramatic Poesy

Poesy is full of emotions and in the variety of different genres one will be able to find exactly what he is looking for. Whether poesy is a way to find new ideas and inspiration or to see the beauty and pride of the language, everything is possible and everything is mentioned in it. One of the major elements of poesy is subjectivism that distinguishes it from prose. Among different kinds of poesy only drama has and almost irresistible feeling of involvement and co-feeling.

One of the most interesting writings in the genre of dramatic poesy is the essay by John Dryden. The Essay on Dramatic Poesy was written in 1668 by the author, who decided to elaborate on the topic of defence of poetry and justify the importance and role of drama in the world of literature. Dryden had chosen an unusual way to legitimate dramatic poesy – he built the essay as a dialog between four men with different positions on the meaning and role of drama in the literature. Today dramatic poesy has a special role in the world literature and importance of the work that was written by Dryden almost four hundred years ago is still undoubted.

The essay is full of distinguishing characteristics, among them speeches and poesy that highlights author’s view on the topic. The choice of the scene by itself is very unusual. The gentlemen fall into discussion of drama, while sailing on the boat down the Themes. While the message of the essay was clear to the reader back in 1667, today this piece of writing receives various analysis and is presented in extremely different ways. One can even argue that the essay has somewhat speculative nature and even the author himself admitted that he used purely sceptical approach to the Essay on Dramatic Poesy.

When reading the essay, one can…


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