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Diary of Anne Frank

More than 6 million of Jews became victims of the Second World War. Imperceptible young girl from Amsterdam was among these unhappy and doomed people. Her name was Anne Frank. She was arrested in August 1944 in Holland. After she was taken away, friends of the Frank family found her diary, where she described her life. Anne Frank revealed the true face of Nazi occupation in it. Friends of Anne gave it to her father Otto Frank, who was the only family member who survived. The diary was published in 1947 in Europe. Afterwards it was released in the USA and became an international bestseller. As of today the book “Diary of Anne Frank” is translated into thirty-two foreign languages.

Anne Frank was born in a liberal Jewish family in June 1929 in Germany, Frankfurt am Main. Franks did not keep to the Jewish traditions and little Anne grew up with the children of Catholic and Protestant families. But after Nazis gained power in Germany, Frank’s family moved to Amsterdam. Here, Anne went to Montessori school and Jewish Lyceum. In 1940 Netherlands were occupied by Nazis and all Jews were persecuted. The Frank family was hiding in the special Achterhuis, where Anne wrote her famous diary.

Her diary was written in the form of letters to her imaginary friend Kitty, whom she was describing everything that was happening with her and other inhabitants of Achterhuis. The first entry was made in 12 June, 1942 on the day of her 13th birthday. The last diary entries were in August, 1944.

At first Anne was writing the diary for herself. But in the spring of 1944, she heard address by the Minister of Education, Bolkesteyn, on the radio. In his speech, he urged citizens to preserve any documents that will prove the suffering of people during the German occupation. Immediately after the minister’s speech, Anne decided to write a novel on the basis of the diary. She immediately began editing her entries, still continuing to keep the first diary.

Nowadays, there is a room in Amsterdam, where Jews were hiding. It is known as the Anne Frank’s house and every year it attracts thousands of tourists. Thus, if the topic of the World War II is interesting for you, this novel is a must-read for you.

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