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If I Could be Somebody Else for a Day

When you get help from an essay writing service, you can do something else with your time, stop being an overwhelmed student for a couple of days. However, this time is limited. What if you could swap your life for something entirely different? Let’s speculate for a minute.

When I feel too lazy to do my homework, I think about one of those career-guidance days we had in my high school. You know, when all kinds of professionals come to explain you what they do. Our task was to imagine ourselves doing this or that job for one day and to see which one we would like better. That seems to be easy and fun to do, until you actually imagine yourself being somebody else.

So, here I go. What if I were that lady with glasses, wearing an expensive business suite – the newspaper editor. I would control most of the information the citizens of out town are receiving. I could to that. Not for long, though – I wouldn’t handle the responsibility.

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What if I were that big guy in a uniform – a police officer. I would cancel school due to some situation I’d make up and my friends and I would party all day long. But, that is way too irresponsible. Working for the state requires too much responsibility – I thought.

Let’s see, who else we’ve got. The elderly lady with knitting in her hands. She owns a day care centre. If I could exchange places with her for a little bit, I could definitely do what she does – play around with kids all day long, sleep on the afternoon and enjoy my life. Wait a minute, what if one of the babies falls and hurts himself. What do I say to his parents? Anyway, I’m not even responsible enough to handle my baby sister. I couldn’t be her.

I tried to see myself taking the place of each adult, who had come to speak about their profession: doctor, truck driver, programmer, fire fighter, teacher. I realized I couldn’t do what they did even for a day. I would be too scared to mess it all up, any job requires too much responsibility. I couldn’t even imagine me being them.

I think that was a moment when I...


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