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Persuasive essay on the influence of the Internet

For younger essay writers, writing about the influence of the internet on modern life can be challenging. I mean, it’s like writing about the influence of electricity – you realize there was a time people didn’t have it but cannot imagine what it was like. You may want to ask one of us analog dinosaurs – or read the sample below!

Internet Influence

The 20th century brought numerous inventions in the life of people across the globe. One of them, as will be agreed by the majority of people, could be ranked as number one in the world. This invention is Internet and it is difficult to find a person who has never heard of it at least once in their lives.

As any other important element and development in the society, Internet attracts attention of science and art and is becoming an extensively debated topic in various circles. It is drilled down to its pros and cons, analyzed from the influence perspective and is wrapped apart in regards to all possible topics in sociology and other fields. As usual, one of the most discussed topics is Internet influence on the humanity moral and culture. It is easy to understand the reason why this topic is so popular across the world. First of all, it relates to everyone and concerns people due to the great accessibility of Internet. Second, it is a self-sustainable mechanism that promotes itself and talks about itself. Whether its influence is good or bad, it is difficult to judge. And the reason for that is the fact that Internet is fed and created by people and if the same people cannot make Internet influence only positive, then we should rather look at humans’ capabilities and qualities, rather than expose the web to the open judgment of society.

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