College Application Essay

What is Your Approach to Life

My Approach to Life

I always looked at life from various perspectives and it is very difficult to give single definition to life, as it is one of the most dynamic and challenging things. Our life is the combination of our emotional and cognitive experiences; it reflects our past and our dreams, our expectations and our dissatisfactions. As dynamic our internal attributes are, as changing we can expect our life experiences to be.

I love life and I believe it is mutual. I try to give back to it as much as I have already got. When I look at my past, at my achievements and unfortunate losses, I can see, apart from my personal influence, the role that chance and circumstances played in one or other decision I made. I am confident that life is a plain list of paper and we have drawn ourselves what we saw and what we want to see. More talented painters can draw successful and beautiful moments and permanent state of the life, while other life paintings will not be as good, but it is always up to us to change and direct it in a way we feel appropriate and suitable for us.

I am convinced that I and only I am responsible for the events and experiences that I face in my life and that I build my memories on and whether or not I get a chance and circumstances play in favour or against me, I can always make a right choice and…

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