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My Secret Place

Every person has a need to have some secrecy in their lives, once in a while. People have their secret places, where they go to when they want to stay alone for some time. I am not in any way different from such people, as I also have my secret place where I go to when I need to have some privacy.

My place is arboretum, where I can escape from the everyday mess and can think rationally or do some meditation. The arboretum is located about five miles in the outskirts of my city, and it has lush green fauna and lots of different flowers and trees. The garden has bright green grass, which is perfectly cut and there are fountains where birds flock into to drink water.

I especially love to visit the place over the weekends with my friend John and we always carry some snacks and beverage and have a picnic. The place is very cool and quiet, and it is ideal for reading, as I do some reflection about my future in education.

Sometimes, when I am in the mood, I carry my digital camera and take shots of the birds as they fly form one tree to the other. I also take photos of the many colorful flowers and the exotic trees, some of which cannot be found in other parts of the city.

The arboretum is often frequented by couples, who wish to have some privacy, and sometimes there are people who prefer to take their families there for an outing or a picnic, because the air here is not polluted and there is no much noise, as compared to the city, where cars and buses emit smoke and the taxis hoot to attract customers.

When I have the need to study for my exams, I take my text books there and manage to read very quietly without any interruptions. I have been able to…

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