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Unnecessary curfew for children under the age of fifteen

It’s kinda weird when teachers ask students (the vast majority of whom don’t have kids) to write their thoughts on upbringing their possible children. Yet, a good essay writer might be able to step into other peoples’ shoes and write hypothetical papers, such as the one below.

Curfew for Children Under Fifteen

Well, it is not a secret that while we are in the age of teens, our parents have a right to organize or even manipulate our lives in a way they feel appropriate. Perhaps, manipulating is too strong word for that, but parents, undoubtedly, have strong influence on us and their voice in our decision making and plans is louder than anyone else’s. It is also understandable that children feel very frustrated and are often offended with this interference in their lives. And this attitude and hostile position becomes more defined and extreme as we grow and start to form our opinions and principles.

There is no right or wrong decision in whether сurfew is positive or negative for the development of an individual. I say so, first of all, as I believe that curfew should be considered by case basis and should be linked to the level of maturity and development of a child. It is, of course, unreasonably to eliminate curfew for child of ten or even twelve years old, but when children come to more mature age, it is up to parents and family relations to decide how to deal with it.

In some families, where relations are very strong and child is brought up in complete trust and understanding of what is right and what is wrong, it will be appropriate to give him or her more freedom and responsibility. This will contribute to the development of independent and flexible mind. In other families, where child of even fifteen years old does not clearly differentiate positive and negative influences of society, curfew is a requirement for proper education.

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