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The Birthmark Summary Essay

Short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne, “The Birth-Mark”, is one of the best from the entire Hawthorne’s short stories collection “Mosses from an Old Manse”. The two main protagonists of this story are the beautiful young woman called Georgiana, and her husband Aylmer, the scientist, “proficient in every branch of natural philosophy,” as ironically written by author. On her cheek Georgiana has a single crimson birthmark, which many find quite attractive, but her husband is not one of them, and on the contrary, believes that this is the only flaw that spoils the perfect beauty.

This idea took hold of him more and more, and he could not adequately react to the sight of the birthmark. Finally, Georgiana with Aylmer decided to remove the birthmark. To do that, they came to the Aylmer’s laboratory, where he was working with his assistant, Aminadab, who helped him with preparations, meanwhile thinking that if Georgiana were his wife, he would not remove the birthmark.

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For a few days Aylmer was analyzing her condition, in fact, just preparing the mixture for the birthmarkremoval. When Georgiana, finally, drinks the liquid, the birthmark, which represents in the story the connection between her body and soul, disappeared, Aylmer had one moment of perfection, but Georgiana was already dead.
In this story, Nathaniel Hawthorne is clearly ironic about the…

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