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Wanted Movie Review

The well-known Universal Studios film company had a plan to shoot a movie “Wanted” in 2004. The eponymous comic book by Mark Millar was picked up for the film`s plot. Company’s management wanted to make a hard film with a rating of “hard-R”.

The atmosphere of comics entirely suited to these requirements. There was only one problem in the creation of the film – the choice of director. After a long search, the selection was made in favor of Timur Bekmambetov. This movie was his first job, but he fully met the expectations of the organizers. “Wanted” appeared on the world screens in 2008. This picture shows a totally new approach to the formulation of a hard fighter. The film has turned out to be quite criminal, dirty, with elements of a thriller.

The storyline is gradually leading the main hero, Wesley Gibson, to the dark side. He was an ordinary unlucky office worker, who constantly bore humiliation. His boss always abused him, while his girlfriend cheated on him. Nobody believed in his success. But his life changed drastically. He inherited a post in powerful organization of killers. Here, all members have more advanced capabilities than ordinary people. Wesley Gibson receives a chance to become the master of his own life.

Actor James McAvoy was a perfect choice for the role of Wesley. He is very modest, so his type looks very contrasting. Angelina Jolie, like no one else, can help teach young killer. Her image of the beautiful killer, Fox, is familiar to viewers. Imperturbable Morgan Freeman played the role of tutor in the secret society.

The film budget is 120 million dollars. Well-known actors were invited to play in the movie. There are about 1000 scenes with special effects. The film also contains the elements of fiction. But this is quite normal, because it is based on a comic-thriller. The light storyline did not prevent “Wanted” to collect world’s rent of more than $ 300 million. Thus, this film is really worth watching.

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