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The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

The saga by J.R.R. Tolkien is classic, so no wonder many essay writers take on crafting book reports about its particular part or the entire series. This sample focuses on the evolution of Bilbo Baggins’ personality.

How do you make yourself a feared and honored king? It is not an easy way that is devoid of hurdles and challenges. If you have visible and invisible weaknesses, The Hobbit by Tolkien Ronald Reuel has a lot of useful information for your present life and the transformation of your life for better in the future. This is an account commencing with an indication of fragile character of Bilbo who is depicted as a having detest on adventure though he has the desire to save his treasure of the ancestral parents.

The Hobbit is a tale concerning the regaining of the treasured ring of the Dwarfs’ family which was under siege in the hidden guarded dark mountain. Despite the minute size, his being shy and the feeblest among the dwarves society Bilbo felt that they should repossess their ancestral treasure. He thus took the stewardship of the dwarfs’ community to conquer the dragon Smaug, the bearer o f their treasure. Bilbo faced a lot of difficulties, sometimes crushed to his unconscious almost to be deprived off his life. However, fraught by desire to regain the treasured ring he never gave up: on the contrary he persistently and tactfully clambered from the mountain edges to its dark central parts in the cave and intruded into strange territories where his life was in danger. The dwarfs’ community suffered huge losses in the struggle for these treasures, numerous of them were slain and others injured as they spied and sought to reclaim it. All in all, the Dwarfs were never defeated and they triumphed because of skillful thievery of Bilbo, who was largely supported by Gandalf, the wizard who has reclaimed the treasure from the lonely mountain.

Taking into account the whole story it is hard to tell how the author allows it to happen that the weak Bilbo becomes so much successful at the end. As a reader I was much pleased with the plot of this work, i.e. a smooth flow of the story that was enjoyable to read. The story may sound so hard for a novice, however, the themes of family, race, peace and struggle, challenges and victory that are explored in the tale are paramount and these make me to persuade everyone to be ambitious enough to know and understand the content of book The Hobbit by Tolkien.


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