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Still Alice by Lisa Genova

Still Alice is a convincing debut tale depicting a story of a 50 years-old-lady swift descent into early commencement Alzheimer’s disease. Basically, Alice Howard is married and is blessed with three grown offsprings and a striking house on the Cape. By the time she began to notice her forgetfulness, she was a celebrated professor at the peak of her career in Harvard. Hence, the confusion began to erode her thinking and her memory began to upset her. But she was scared when she received the frightening diagnosis: the early inception Alzheimer’s disease. Though aggressively independent she fights to maintain and sustain her lifestyle and live in the jiffy, even though her innate consciousness erodes and slips away.

In essence, this novel is both heart-breaking as well as heartwarming. It takes the reader through the deadly and devastating diagnosis that Alice encounters by. Equally, as the novel develops, the author permits us to realize how this situation can wreck havoc on the concerned individual as well as the concerned immediate family members. Using a flowing and a strong presentation of facts the author has precisely weaves a strong story which critically exposes what happens when such unexpected disease strikes cause division and stigmatizing in a stable family. It also allows us to see how every family member copes with this situation and how they get the vigor to be compassionate and devoted, to take care of their spouse and mom. With Alzheimer’s disease very often appearing and touching a lot of families this volume helps to edify and sensitize potential patients and custodians.

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