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A Place I’d Like to Live In

I have lived in Arizona for the most significant part of my life. It is hot, sunny, beautiful, lively and very different from other parts of the world. Although I have travelled to other American states, such as Illinois, New York and Washington, the most outstanding one is my visit to the most beautiful place on earth: cool, green, luxuriant and pristine Amazon Basin. One of the most interesting features of travelling is that every new place is unique, beautiful and always has breathtaking sceneries.

From the international airport in Lima, Peru’s capital, I visited the Tagaeri people, who have never contacted with modern civilization. The forests there are dense and thick. Wild monkeys, squirrels jump everywhere. Big and small, poisonous and non-poisonous snakes slither through the dense forests. Giant alligators swim slowly around the clean and clear waters of Amazon, unaware of the lurking civilization that has pushed every being in the modern world to sheer loneliness and emptiness. In the truest words, nature is beautiful, though imperfect.

On a cool, bright, and sunny morning, I met the Tagaeri elders. Drums of honor and ululations from the village welcomed me, the sojourner. I was embraced and felt honored. The elders gestured me to kneel down and I was washed with libation. Soon I was brought food: well-cooked fish and palm wine. As I ate with the elders, beautiful Tagaeri children, young girls and boys, old women sang songs of joy in their brightly colored traditional dresses adorned with beads. This was the true beauty of life.

This is the only place where I would like to...

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