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Personal Statement to University of Vermont

This is my Personal Statement to the University of Vermont to pursue a degree in Business Administration.I come from a background where hard work and good education was given top priority. My strong sense of integrity and work ethics has been valued by my superiors as well as my team members at my company, Loors Corp. A dynamic personality with strong leadership abilities has helped me in managing a small team very efficiently for over five years now.

I have been appreciated for being a team player and strongly believe that the company goal is also as important as an individual’s goal. Upon taking up my new position as the Sales Manager of the Albany Region in 2010, I realized that everyone on my sales team worked independently without a greater company goal in mind. Hence I initiated a change and set up a system where the company’s goal was met through the sales team’s goal. This fostered a team spirit and brightened up the working environment. I hope to bring the same spirit to my MBA program.

University of Vermont was my first choice for pursuing a degree in business administration as it is known for a curriculum that is demanding. It will be an added advantage to be associated with a university that has such a good standing among the corporate and business world.I know that I can benefit tremendously from the Professors who have such rich experiences and are in tune with the real world. Their practical knowledge would help me to overcome all the challenges I have faced during my career.

I feel an MBA from the University of Vermont will definitely enhance my chances of growing and reach the highest levels within my company. It will…

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