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Self-introduction Speech Sample

Our essay writers are always willing to collaborate and incorporate your contributions into the paper. This is especially true for a personal statement or a similarly unique piece that should convey your genuine voice. That is how they can create beautiful samples like the one you can see below.

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What makes my life better

As Ernest Hemingway said: “There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” And that’s, to my mind, the way every person should follow. It is how I try to live, always improving and getting better. Sure thing, it is a difficult path to go through, as not many people can easily admit own weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, to be pretty honest with myself and the reader, I’ve decided to ask opinions of my close people to evaluate all my good and bad sides . I guess that people who surround me and with whom I interact every day can say much more about me than I do. And I really appreciate that, as it is your family and friends who tend to make you better and support across-the-board. So, having a great deal of chat with them, I’ve concluded that good and integral qualities of my nature are positive attitude, thoughtfulness for other people, and cheerfulness. While my unconcerned attitude to life can be considered as my drawback.

To my mind, one of the best characteristics I possess is my positive and cheerful attitude to life. As Eileen Caddy (a great Scottish spiritual leader and writer) once said: “Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it.” She was pretty right in that and I whole-heartedly believe in that statement. I try to live fully and experience everything – have fun, be crazy and unpredictable. If I screw up – then I will have a chance to learn from my mistakes. Neither I try to be someone else or be perfect. I just enjoy what I do, doing what I really want, with the people I really love. I’m open to everything around me: I’m an outgoing person, thus enjoy meeting new people, and I like to take a risk and experiment with anything new if it ameliorates my lifestyle. Hence, I have a lot of hobbies and pursuits – to revel in going to some new places on my vacation, reading new and fascinating books, watching fabulous movies, etc. My great passion is sport and active way of live. I often practice different kinds of sport, adore going camping, and consequently boating, horse riding, cycling.

As you may see, I like to have fun and enjoy every moment of my life. That, most likely, creates an impression of a carefree person. However, that is not so. Despite my desire to lead such saturated and funny way of life, I still realize the importance of what I do. So, what is really important in my life then? First of all, it is my family and friends –I take care of these people with all my love and responsibility. Moreover, I can say that I have that kind of caring and understanding approach to many other people. That’s why, currently, I’m...


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