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Evolution of psychology takes special place in the development of modern psychoanalysis. Several names played special role in formation of the fundamental theories. Some of them are the theory of ego and super-ego, theory of Oedipus Complex and several sound hypothesis on life and death relationships.

Thinking of psychology in general, I would like to look at the evolution of opinions and views through the theories of Freud and Jung and comparison and contrast that teacher and his student put on the judgement of wide international public in the past and in today’s world. “I found in myself a constant love to my mother and jealousy of my father. I now consider it a universal event for childhood”. This phrase illustrates the theory of psychosexual development that states that every individual and his actions are driven purely by sexual elements of his mind.

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Initial explanation of the theory gave significant attention to the neurosis development through sexual abuse. The author, however, soon realized inconsistency of the theory and developed the analysis further to put imagination and nature of the human beings in the foundation of his psychosexual theory.

Carl Gustav Jung has founded analytical theory and has a long history of professional relationships with Freud, mainly based on the debates around psychosexual theory. The beginning of their correspondence and communication started when Jung first shared his views with Freud back in 1906. Since then their “friendship” lasted for another six years. Young Jung was still in process of development of his main theories, while Freud, who by that time was fifty years old, had strong and established views on all the topics he covered in his previous essays. As a result, today Jung and Freud propose sometimes opposite theories on the development of human mind.

Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung are major figures in psychology, whose works and theories have made a tremendous contribution in progress and evolution of psychology in general and evolutionary psychology specifically. A lot of debates take place about their personalities and feasibility of the theories they came up with. No one, however, will leave these names outside of major psychological discussions.

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