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Persuasive Essay on Cloning

If I had to write my essay on cloning, I’d take a positive outlook on it. However, the topic is controversial, and some people argue that cloning is against nature itself. The sample below tries to prove this exact point.

Cloning – The Wrong Turn Science Takes

The history of science knows a lot of controversial issues and times when some new discovery or direction of inventions was popularly believed to be inherently evil, immoral and bringing the downfall of human race with it. Most commonly it was said about the discovery of some new law of nature, or possibility to cure illnesses by unusual methods, or ways of using the above mentioned laws to the advantage of the human. And most commonly later it was decided that the new discovery carries nothing bad in itself but, in fact, is useful and may be used to bring a lot of good.

But it is not the reason to believe that just any development of science or its discovery is immediately benevolent in nature just because the same thing was thought about the steam power, vaccination and so on.

Cloning is one of these controversial issues that are in contemporary times considered to be either a great breakthrough in science or the wrong turn this science takes.

To clone a living organism is to create its identical copy using the knowledge of the genetic engineering. It may sound good, but think about it – people, who deal with it don’t even know much about what actually they do and in what it may finally result in. People meddling with cloning resemble a child that took apart mechanical clock and managed to reassemble it, and reassemble it seemingly correctly. He is happy about it, but who knows where did he make a mistake, how wrong will be the time that the clock shows and when will some spring jump out of its place?

And, of course, there is a moral aspect of this act. What does a cloned creature feel? What, after all, is a cloned living being? Is this meddling with a personality, even a personality of an animal let alone human, acceptable?

Many groups and organizations consider…


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