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Shame and Prejudice of Holocaust

Some events in the history of mankind create a strong mixed feeling of frustration, fear and curiosity. When we start talking about Holocaust and discuss it in acceptable way with our children, it becomes one of the biggest challenges that are derived from the ethical and moral aspects, involved in any discussions of this occurrence in the history of humanity. It is impressive how different and even radically opposing can be the stories of Holocaust coming from the participants, literature sources and studies in countries that have personal attitudes in regards to this event. One aspect, though, that is always finding understanding and solidarity is when people learn that Holocaust is the cruelty of abnormal ambitions of particular individual or groups that can so easily bring together people, contaminated by the crowd philosophy.

Holocaust is the cruel set of events facilitated by the media. Taking into account only facts and trying to isolate any personal emotions and conclusions, the writer could give the following definition to holocaust: “It is the genocide of the Jews people by the Nazi army in the racism obsession on religious basis.” Holocaust took lives of more than two thirds of the population of Jews. During the terrifying years, more than six million people became victims of the World War II genocide.

The development of the genocide recognizes several stages, starting from the legislative measures to remove all Jews from “pure race” society to the development of the concentration camps, where people were killed in exhaustion and suffering. The i deological motivation of Holocaust was born purely from the obsessive ideas of Nazi regime and people in power and in control of the crowd.

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