Essay on the Importance of Scholarships

Nursing has always been my passion. As a child, I saw how my mother dedicated her life to her nursing profession. She is my greatest inspiration. She is one of the reasons why I want to have a scholarship grant in nursing. I am a first year college student in nursing now, and I feel that I am few steps away from my dream to becoming a full-fledged nurse. A scholarship will help me fulfill this dream. A scholarship grant will help pay for my books and other expenses in school. Furthermore, I will not be a burden to my mother who is already working doubly hard to send me to school. I will also be able to concentrate on my studies since I do not have to work at the same time.

Seven years ago, I came to the USA to pursue my dream of being a nurse. While in the USA, I was able to do community service as a volunteer worker at REWA in Seattle. I had the opportunity to help women who were victims of domestic violence. My heart feels for these women, being a victim myself.

Aside from my volunteer work at REWA, I also worked at the POC assisting immigrants and elderly people. I taught them how to be computer literate. I tutored them on MS Word, helped them create emails. I introduced them to social media networks like Facebook. In the future, I look forward to being of assistance to the other deprived sectors of society as the starving children and the homeless. I assist in packing food items for the said group. Furthermore, I want to work with mothers and teach them how to care for their newborns. I also foresee myself working in a community clinic, assisting low-income patients.

My community volunteer works give me a sense of fulfillment. Being of service to others give meaning to my life. If the scholarship is granted to me, I know that I will be in a better position to help improve the lives of the poor, in whatever way I can. I am convinced that a degree in nursing will direct me to the path where I want to be, that is, to be a woman serving others without expecting anything in return. I firmly believe that I am very qualified for a scholarship because I am a responsible student, and I am serious about finishing a degree in nursing. My work background clearly shows that I will be dedicated to the profession. I love what I do, and I foresee myself being a nurse in the future, one who is concerned and willing to serve the less fortunate in the community.

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