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Patriotism Essay Example

Some call patriotism the highest form of love. Others quote the celebrated British essayist Samuel Johnson who said that patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel. If you still don’t have a well-shaped opinion on the matter, reading free samples that our paper writing service offers might be a good start.

“How do I see my country and what am I ready to do and give up for it”? It is the question that each of us should ask ourselves at some point of time. School education in the majority of countries tries to ingrain the feeling of patriotism to us. We learn how to love and respect our motherland and be proud of the achievements that our history keeps and passes to new generations.

Patriotism is, undoubtedly, important and society should bring this feeling to each of us from early childhood. I also believe that patriotism starts with the love to the family and one can bring the most to its country by being able to protect, respect and value family and relationships that can be build in it. A lot of poets and writers have chosen patriotism as the topic subject of their art and works and we can learn from them a lot. This literature makes the concept of patriotism unique and consistent throughout the years and centuries. It is one of the feelings that did not evolve a lot in spite of all the changes that have been happening with humanity throughout the history.

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