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Holes by Louis Sachar

Holes written by the author c was published in 1999 and he won national book award and Newbery medal. Later in 2003 this novel was modified by Walt Disney with good star cast Khileo Thomas and Shia LaBeouf.

We can describe a succinct and lucid summary of Holes book and various media related issues from Holes movie. Stanley Yelnats ended up his life in detention center for juveniles. He was sent to Camp Green Lake where the warden appeared to be very tough. He wanted everybody to dig up five feet wide by five feet deep holes. While passing through, Stanley Yelnats got hit by a pair of stolen sneakers and got arrested. Hence, he had to face such work that he had not anticipated earlier. The counselors had advocated that digging could build up the character but Stanley kept being suspicious.

Stanley shifted the blame on Elya Yelnats, his great-great-grandfather. Elya forgot his promise to bring up elderly gypsy on mountain’s peak. In her turn, Madame Zeroni, gypsy, cursed his descendent’s.

While digging Stanley found out a lipstick tube that belonged to Kate Barlow who happened to be a notorious outlaw and a former schoolteacher in Green Lake. He fell in love with her.

Stanley got acquainted with Zero, another boy who had to dig up holes and who found out treasures in one of the holes that gives and attorney general and a counsel an opportunity to save Stanley and Zero from the detention center. Curse was also removed. Gaining the treasure Stanley built his own house and Zero found his mother.

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