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Speech about Terrorism

Let’s face it: it’s quite easy to craft a speech about something controversial as you have plenty of contradicting arguments to work with. At the same time, experienced essay writers know that creating an appealing speech about something that everybody agrees on (in the case of our sample, it’s that terrorism is atrocious) is totally another matter. Hopefully, the example below will help you cope with such a task.

The city never sleeps at night, the people can’t walk freely on lanes and all minds are stuck with the fear of violence puttering around, of terrorism growing in the world at an alarming rate. Terrorism is the activity that is carried out by men to generate panic and fear; to harm and kill people; it is an abhorrent attempt to take away an individual peace and lives.

The wound of 9/11 still not healed: the only rebound can be a world free from such actions. In the past few years there had been a whopping increase in these activities: from Bomb attacks in Pakistan to the attack on Taj Hotel in Mumbai, from Twin tower attack in America to London Bombings. Terrorists are carrying their activities unabatedly.

Men are brainwashed to loathe the world: they get trained by various terrorist organizations for this purpose, like Iraq, Afghanistan and Taliban. The suicide bombers are the examples of human weapon being used by terrorist organizations.

These men choose rather crowdie places as their target in order to draw more public attention and to weaken the political status of the nation. They are aimed at jeopardizing the social, political and economical stability of the nation. According to statistics data the USA spends around $5 million every year only to combat terrorism. Countries like India are also stepping forward; POTA, an alliance to deal with terrorism, is formed by the Indian government.

We all should contribute to this issue in order to end terrorism: we should raise our awareness, we should act bravely in front of terrorists and help each other. We all have to stand united and strong to fight against terrorism.


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