Financial Challenges Faced By the Single Parents

The role of a single parent is very demanding and challenging. The most evident challenge faced by a single parent is to be the sole provider for his/her children. Commonly, a single parent is the only bread earner of the entire household and is, therefore, unable to give more time to the children due to work pressure. On the other hand, other families having both parents taking responsibility of their family not only earn dual income but also are able to manage their time such that one of the parents, at least, is always available to take care and monitor the children. Single parents are deprived of this privilege. Other challenges that the single parent has to cope with include: joint custody of the children, visitation by the other parent, acquiring child support, etc. Due to these challenges and issues, single parents are unable to have real family fun and entertainment. So, for the welfare of these families, I requested to the community to come forward and arrange a week-end program where the parents and the children, who particularly belong to the single parenting system, can come along and have fun through various exciting activities without worrying much about the entertainment expenses. Also, I planned a brilliant welfare service for helping out the single parents in maintaining a healthy balanced diet for their children and for themselves by asking people, who are able to take out some of their spare time, to prepare a few healthy meals for such parents at low cost.

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