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Julius Caesar Essay Example

When I don’t know what to write my essays about, writing about a famous person – historical or modern – is always a viable option. For instance, the sample below is about one of the most well-known Roman emperors – Julius Caesar.

There is a limited number of historical characters that receive attention in each and every educational program. We start to learn about famous people in the world history since early childhood from our parents and at school. Julius Caesar, Roman general and a major participant of the transformation of Roman Republic in Roman Empire, is one of those people. The history of Rome during Julius Caesar is impressive, as this period became one of the major historical eras in transformation of the Roman society. The story of Julius Caesar is a legend about an individual that can make difference and create the history!

Julius Caesar’s early years fall into the period of turmoil. The young general witnessed a lot of wars, which significantly affected his personality and built up his approach to the reforms on later stages. Numerous assumptions, rumours and discussions took place around this personality, but despite many efforts to humiliate him and undermine his role in the history, Julius Caesar has always been and will be one of the brightest happenings in the story of Roman Empire. The history, for better or worse, is built by people like Julius, whose ambitions and personal objectives make the history turn the flow of events. Actions of such personalities remain in the people’s minds for centuries.

One can like and admire Julius Caesar, another can find numerous disadvantages and critics of his actions, but everyone has something to share about this great general and giant in the world history. Whatever our opinion about this character is, we will keep learning the history of Rome that was partially written by Julius Caesar and will share this story with our kids.


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