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Paper on Death Penalty: Pro and Contra

Capital punishment is one of those topics that always come to mind when you’re thinking, “About what can I write my essay this time?” And although this issue might seem to be explored far and wide, with due diligence, you can always find a new angle to it. Read the sample below to confirm.

Death penalty is a form of punishment that was adopted and accepted by our ancestral parents biblically traced in the Moses’ times; the practices has been inherited or transferred from one generation to another. Death penalty has been used as a method of eradicating criminals in the community or construed as a method of ensuring a peaceful society where violence is maintained at its dismal point. However, for the past few decades statistics from diverse data banks on crime have indicated that there is a general rising trend of violent events or criminal incidents in the society. Thus numerous questions have arisen concerning the validity or justification of the employment of death penalty to check crimes in the society.

In today’s society the validity of death penalty is a subject that has received opposite views from diverse number of experts. While the proponents of death penalty say that it is the best way of deterring criminal and violent incidents in the community, it is a method that breaches the issue of societal unity as it has high implications and effects on the family, relatives, friends and the society as a whole. As the support arguments the proponents cite several flaws which date back from the time of Babylonians to our days. The greatest worry of the opponents concerning death penalty is the high chances of passing flawed judgment on innocents persons, as juries mostly relies on evidences which are prone to mistakes or errors. Moreover, there is no investigatory technique the man has assumed to be error-free. Apart from this, their argument emphasizes the purpose of punishment, which is to make a vice correction of an individual and give the person a chance to live as societal fit with the other members of the society after regaining the acceptable moral effectiveness. On the contrary, the proponents of death penalty believe that the society cannot grow and develop economically, politically and socially when it lives in the fear of criminals. This can be perceived as true taking into account that criminals not only brings destruction on physical resources but also destroy the human capital which is the greatest resource required in any growth and development.


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