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Papers on Social Representations

The objective reality is rather complex and varied. It is widely investigated by various branches of science. Social psychology also devoted great attention to this study. Every single person reacts differently to different situations. Many factors, influencing people’s behavior, were clarified. They were called social representations.

Social representations are the ideas, thoughts, images, values, knowledge and practices, shared by people. They are formed under the influence of mass media in social interactions. Social representations is a constructive reproduction of the object`s properties at the level of specific concepts. Social representations allow to make all facilities more commonplace and usual. They are subject to everything in the ordinary and common sense. They are both a result of communication and its foundation. In this case, they provide social interaction and group identity.

The task of papers on social representations is to analyze the objective reality. They help to master the practical, social, material and ideal environment. There are certain specific situations considered as a part of a broader phenomenon. They may describe various examples of social representations.

The basis of these papers is the conviction of man’s desire to avoid uncertainty. Constructing of the knowledge system that is internally consistent for a human is also a frequent topic for this type of papers. There are unfamiliar objects and phenomena, which were originally available to common sense. Besides, you can see gradual classification of objects. The majority of unfamiliar objects are named in it. Thus, such papers allow to make unfamiliar things more usual and understandable.

The themes of contemporary papers on social representations are very relevant and deeply revealed. It clearly outlines the objectives and specific arguments in it. Conclusions are brief and concise in these papers.

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