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Essay about Inequality in Human Races

Tackling sensitive topics such as racial inequality, prejudice, and social justice demands an essay writer to possess particular skills. For example, objective, human-first language prescribed by the APA, emotional intelligence, analytic abilities, and erudition. Read a sample created by such a specialist.

The Problems of Races and Equality

As far as human relationships are concerned, it is extremely difficult to build equal and reasonable community that will not intentionally or unintentionally exclude or discriminate minorities. In the modern society racial inequalities as minorities become more and more common and widely known issue that is scaling up due to the globalization and internationalization of communities. Evolution of this aspect of social relationships is gaining speed especially in Europe with the introduction of the European Union as the new structure, which opened doors for migration between the countries-members of the formation.

It is remarkable how the attitude even on political and economic level evolved with time. While in the beginning of the EU days countries were open and welcoming cross-change of labour, nowadays, the situation is stabilized in less positive sense. For example, France closed doors for Middle East immigration, the UK significantly tightened the belts for the Eastern European member of the European Union and Italy simply closed the borders for any kind of foreign labor involvement. With all the historical proofs and evidence of the effects of such radical decisions, it is impressive that the EU forgot again about the consequences of the labor exchange. By missing out on these aspects, the countries created strong precedent and mentality of minorities that led to the race inequality and segmentation.

With this mentality, internal system and social community new generations grow. In ten or twenty years time they may re-start the cycle of racial discrimination. Whether it is a right approach or wrong – next generations will judge. Even now, however, we can see the results of racial inequality, when minorities have to go to bad jobs and live isolated on the territories of so called democratic countries.


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