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Compare and Contrast Essay: Cat or Dog?

Coffee or tea? Sweet or savory? Cats or dogs? Some discussions go on and on with no end in sight. However, this essay writer seems to have found the answer to at least one of them. Care to explore? Read the sample below!

When the think comes to choose a pet, there is a lot to be taken into account. Let us consider some peculiarities of the both animals.

It is necessary to notice that dogs never play alone. If a dog is alone, it is always serious, looks around, sleeps, tries to find some food or gnaws something (your shoe, for instance). When dog stays alone, it will never chase its stern, rush about meadow or push the rock by its nose. It needs a partner viewer or some participator for all of this.

Dog’s game is furious demonstration of joyful feeling of comradeship. Everyone knows that dogs fawn when they meet familiar people or other dogs. The same way it can play only in the case if there is somebody to play with or just to observe it. In short, each dog needs presence of stimulating contact with another player for playing.

Cats have totally different character. They can be involved in the group game and play alone with the same amount of joy. Lock them up and you will see that clew, fringe or dangling string will be enough for them to entertain. When they play, they do not say to a man: “I am so glad that you are here!” In fact, they will play even near the dead man. Dog will never do it. Cat entertains itself, while dog wants to amuse not only itself, but the others as well. Dog participates in a game to the maximum extent, but cat just lets it happen around it.

Many people are convinced that having a cat is easier than a dog, inasmuch dogs are more social animals and need communication, while cats are independent and do not need it. Most dogs are hunters by nature. Cats are hunters too, as after all their ancestors are menacing predators and modern cats did not lose aspiration to track down and catch preys. Cat usually takes the role of the leader over everyone around it.

Thus, it is extremely important to choose your pet according to your preferences and your character. Listen to your heart and find one of the best friends in life.


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