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Essay about Europe

If you need to craft an essay about Europe and don’t want it to be like the “Eurotrip” movie, you’ll have to do lots of research work. For that, you have Google and Wikipedia. If you want to see what your paper should look like before being submitted, check out samples from our paper writing service.

Usually, when you hear a title of somebody’s essay, which includes the word Europe, you’re immediately getting ready to take a nap, as you are sure that the focus will be on typical things concerning this part of the world: political situation, geographical aspect, climatic condition, etc. Once I was assigned this topic, I made up my mind not to write about the well-known boring things, but pay my attention to much more interesting field – tourism. Thanks to this sphere Europe can turn into a real paradise on Earth for the people of all ages!

This part of our common home – Earth – is huge and the varieties of beauty sights make one feel giddy. That is why I’ll pay attention to the places I’ve always dreamt to go to.

This article is written and provided by our essay writing service as an example.

Have you ever thought that Hungary can be real paradise for the youth? This beautiful country is famous not only for its rich historical part, but also for its active extreme time spending! Why Hungary? The thing is that here are the perfect conditions to satisfy the needs of the most tempted extreme fan, or just a fan of the active rest any time of year.

I am a huge fan of winter fishing and it turned out that Norway is the best place on Earth for such an amazing activity! No matter when you come to this astonishing country, you will have really rich catch! Cod, haddock, halibut, lancet fish – these and many other are guaranteed to be caught any time you come here!

To develop the theme of active leisure, my dream country is Slovenia. Slovenia is a kingdom of active kinds of entertainment! No matter what part of the country you are in, you can enjoy different kinds of activities in there and any time of the year. In winter mountain-skiing is at your service. In summertime – water and sky above Slovenia are all yours! In spring and autumn it is possible to work out the most incredible routes for camping and cycle racing.

This is not the end. Europe is a real fount of never-ending activities and fun. I’ve described my dream countries. The rest is in your hands! One should only take a map and make the dreams start coming true!


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