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Sherlock Holmes Movie Review Example

Among our staff essay writers, we have enough movie buffs keen on writing reviews like the one you see below. Hire their talent if you liked the book better!

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law tried to embody unforgettable images of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson in this bold new film version. In G. Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes” the legendary detective shows not only his unmatched intelligence, but also considerable physical training as well.

Entangled evidence, amazing deduction of Holmes and his lively mind combine into an exciting series of grueling events. The director Guy Ritchie represents a fascinating adaptation of one of the world’s best detectives. Meet the new Sherlock Holmes!

The plot is as follows: Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) is rather depressed because of the possibility of Watson’s (Jude Law) marriage. His mood is also compounded by the absence of interesting cases. Trying to relax, he invents a silencer, does not go out of his room, participates in fights without rules and plays violin.

However, they need to complete one last task and witness an execution of a serial killer, who had created an aura of magical mystery around himself. Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong) frightened everybody not only with his hypnotic gaze, but also with awful patterns on the walls of the camera. Watson successfully ascertained the death of the hanged man, but suddenly it becomes clear that Blackwood has risen from the dead and began to kill again. All of this looks very intimidating in the entourage of esoteric rituals.

There are many obstacles that prevent unraveling of this case. Watson is ready to leave his partner for his beloved woman. Holmes’ muse (Rachel McAdams) is a criminal fraud, who appears with a playful smile on her handsome face, and tries to fool the genius detective. Then, it turns out that Adler is subject to some person.

All in all, the film of Ritchie is great, full of…


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