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Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

When tasked with a paper about a book of your choice and thinking, “What should I write my essay on?” – consider “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. As a well-recognized novel, it has plenty of relevant samples out there that you can use as writing models – and one of them is right below.

John Steinbeck packed his novel with a lot of emotions and backgrounds of people with different stories, lives and attitudes. The book narrates the reader a touching story of a friendship between two men during one of the most difficult times in the United States history – the time of the Great Depression in 1930s. Conjoined with the common dream to open their own farm, friends arrive to their new work place and start building up relationships with other workers.

“Of Mice and Men” is a practical and emotional illustration of America’s working class dreams and hopes and shocking reality and tragedy of people’s lives. Steinbeck creates a story based on the contrast between its main characters: physically strong and “simple” Lenny and more rational and proactive George, who supports and completes his friend and their joint “picture” in front of other workers at the farm. The book starts with the cross-country journey of friends in search of job, symbolical beginning that reflects the search for truth and justice in the Great Depression America.

The author filled the novel with symbolic scenes, such as when Lenny touches woman’s dress and is straight accused of raping, or his attempt to pet the hair from his boss’s wife. Naive and not in control of their own life Lenny and George are typical representatives of America’s middle working class.

The book is the attempt to conceptualize...


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