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Ancient Egypt Essay

The Glory of Ancient Egypt

Egypt is probably best known for its magnificent ancient pyramids. These unique installations serve as a proof that an incredibly sophisticated civilization came into being a long time ago. Although lately Egypt seems to be regarded merely as an inexpensive holiday destination, with the most common associations being “pyramids”, “camels”, and “all-inclusive”, the Ancient Egypt was a place where a lot of inventions that we use this very day were made. It doesn’t feel that important anymore, as we tend to take these things for granted, because it seems only natural that somebody invented, say, a toothbrush some time ago. And yet if you give it a little more thought it can in fact blow your mind.

This is the civilization that contributed to the world the invention of paper and ink and of many other objects. We would find it difficult, if not impossible, to imagine our life without, such as of them as locks and keys, scissors and combs. Egyptians took intensive care of their bodies. They had comparatively broad knowledge of medicine and considered hygiene a matter of importance. They used soap made from animal fat and chalk, shaved their bodies and used perfumes. Paying attention to one’s appearance was also a general trait. Upper class people of both sexes wore jewelry and wigs, and started a tradition of wearing makeup.

In a way Ancient Egypt was more progressive than some of the countries nowadays, because there were female pharaohs. Who hasn’t heard of the glorious Cleopatra? While the United States of America, one of the most civilized countries of today, is yet waiting to see the election of the first female president.

But the most impressive feature of Egypt is that it...

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