College Application Essay

Experience that Makes a Difference

Describe a significant interest or experience that has special meaning for you

When I was young, we used to travel and live with my parent in different countries. There are, of course, positive and negative aspects of it. On one side, travelling makes you miss your place and deprive you of the feeling of stability. For children it is very difficult to lose their friends and change schools and environment. All these factors are smoothened and even meaningless, when I think about the experience I gained in terms of multicultural and international mind and exposure.

I have been to more than forty countries, including a wide range of states in the South and Central America, Middle East and Europe and Asia; large part of them I had a pleasure to experience from insight, living there and getting involved in the local culture, tradition and social life. This international exposure boosted my understanding of different people, backgrounds and points of view. I really appreciate the ability to read and truly understand people even from completely different environments.

My educational background also took completely different spin, enriched by educational experiences of Asia and Latin America. I learned history and culture from first hands and in the language of the countries I have been to. Thanks to this exposure and effort that was jointly done by my parents and myself, I can speak five different languages that can be of a benefit in the college environment.

I am very interested in the learning opportunity that this college provides its students with and am fascinated with the experience and expertise of the professors and tutors, leading the courses. I also strongly believe that my background makes me an interesting candidate for the college and along with my practical knowledge can contribute to the educational process.

I would be delighted to answer all the further questions you may have in regards to my application and look forward to hearing from you.

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