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Personal Essay on Interracial Marriages

The Power of Colorblind Love

When two people meet and look in each other’s eyes, it can happen that from the first moment they somehow know that they belong together. After such a mutual glance, they can notice that they are of different races, seem to have absolutely nothing in common and look nothing alike. But all these physical differences have no sense to their hearts, as once people have fallen in love with each other, they will never break up only because of the racial diversity.

In today’s society interracial relations, despite their rising popularity, are a very controversial topic. On one side, many people are against them and believe that interracial marriages corrupt cultures and ethics. Their opinion is mainly based on hoary stereotypes and national media. But personally I stick to the other side, as I think that all of us are equal and have the same rights. So, if you love somebody for who she/he is and not for her/his race, why should you think and worry that your marriage can be disapproved by your friends or relatives. It sounds like discrimination that no one deserves.

I consider multiracial couples as unity of different traditions, views and habits. What could be wrong if the roots of nations interlace? In opposite, they will grow in a robust and durable rhizome, which will form the basis of a strong family tree. It’s a great opportunity for people of different ways of life to interconnect, teach each other something new and together create new angles of view.

Some people think that the idea of interracial marriages is disastrous, as it’s difficult for people with different tastes and preferences to get along together. But I think that the reason is not the racial diversity, but different outlooks on life. No matter what nationality people are, because if they love each other, their views will merge into compromising one.

While writing my essay, I plunged into reading the various stories of people who live in interracial marriages. I didn’t find any negative effects of such union on their lives, except some disagreements of the family. All these multiracial couples live happily and pay no attention to what other people think, as they know that everything they want is each other.

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