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Essay on Soccer History

Soccer is one of the most popular team games that is played in at least hundred countries. Modern rules for soccer take their roots back in the nineteenth century, when football association and local communities made an effort to standardize soccer rules across England. Special role in the development of modern football belongs to the soccer league of the Cambridge University that first tried to put together the rules for this game back in 1848. Today’s soccer is also known as associated football and the game is highly standardized across the world. Soccer’s popularity was growing on a daily basis and very soon people realized the need for the single body that would control and monitor international game’s relations.

The first competition that introduced international character of football officially started in the beginning of the twentieth century. None of them, however, were as successful as the Olympic Games in England in 1908. The FIFA influence and consequent membership was growing in a fast pace and very soon left the borders of Europe, joining South Africa, Chile, Argentina and the United States.

Soccer has an impressive ability to attract passionate fans from all over the globe. This game plays an important role in various social communities and even countries. Some people may even say that soccer starts to get more and more involved in the political life of nations. In the countries like Brazil, soccer became a part of national identity and got completely integrated into the cultural life of the population, gaining hearts of old and new generations and presenting international soccer with many sound names of football players.

Modern soccer is not just a game, but a...

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