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The Exciting Game of Cricket

Cricket is widely known and played all over the world, but the most fanatic countries and the greatest players grew up in India and the UK. The history provides valid argumentation for the popularity of this game in the mentioned countries. If one should draw any parallel between cricket and baseball, he is at risk to create enemies among real cricket lovers. Looking at the history of the game we can find its roots in the old England back in the sixteenth century. Some of historical notes mention the game as the club-ball one that was played in Tudor dynasty by Prince Edward.

Numerous theories and assumptions are made about the origin of the name cricket, one of them linking the history of the word with the economic and political relations between East England and Flanders. Therefore, the word could derive from Flemish word crick (translated as “stick”). Starting from the end of the sixteenth century, the game started to gain more and more popularity in England and spread to neighbouring countries and trading partners through the oral communication. The fact that the rules of the games were transferred from one place to another contributed to certain variations of this game that exist until this day. In spite of the attempts of the International Cricket Council to unify and eliminate any discrepancies in the variety of the game rules, they still persist and generally differ on the country level.

Cricket had a great influence on the…

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