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Anne Carson Essay Example

Along with samples about famous writers (for example, Steinbeck or Shakespeare), EvolutionWriters features papers about lesser-known (but as well significant) creators. For instance, we are one of a few essay writing services where you can find Anne Carson’s biography. Her inimitable style that combines ancient and contemporary poetry is truly one of a kind.

Anne Carson was born in Toronto in June 21, 1950. Her father was a banker and was often changing places of work. Little Anne was constantly moving from town to town. However, she managed to enter the St. Michael’s College and the University of Toronto. From early childhood she was greatly interested in the topic of ancient Greek authors’ works. Sappho was her favorite. After graduation Anne wrote a dissertation on the works of this poetess. Currently, she is a professor of literature. The characteristic feature of her work is bringing novelty in the poetry. Anne Carson has always been trying to combine poetry of Sappho and other antique authors with contemporary poetry.

Anne became known as a famous translator and essayist. Her first book was “Eros the Bittersweet: an Essay” (1986). In 1992 two well-known serious works were written: “Short Talks and Goddesses” and “Wise Women”. These essays brought worldwide fame to Anne Carson.

A little bit later she began to write poetry. Her first steps in poem writing were parallel with the essays. In 1995 two products appeared: “Glass, Irony and God: Essays and Poetry” and “Plainwater: Essays and Poetry”.

Carson has already written a lot of poems and received numerous awards. The first prize was the Griffin Poetry Prize. In 1997, Anne Carson won the Pushcart Prize. Moreover, she has earned many scholarships. The most famous are The MacArthur Fellowship and The Guggenheim Fellowship. In August 2005, Carson became a member of the Order of Canada, which was very important and lucky for her.

The most famous work of Anne Carson is “In The Beauty of the Husband”, written in 2002. It describes clearly the suffering of wife, caused by her husband’s behavior. Anne Carson thoroughly and accurately describes the relationships within the family.

Many ballets and multimedia presentations are based on the books and poems by Anne Carson. Subjects of her works are used in the preparation of scenarios for modern movies.


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