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Essay about Dream

Everyone has dreams, many of them. Yet, when suddenly asked about the most important, people usually just freeze. If you don’t want to freeze over an empty piece of paper, thinking, “About which dream can I write my essay?” get prepared and read the sample below.

Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams…

Since the beginning of time, the mankind has been trying to understand different functions of the human organism: how we move, talk and act. For the most part many of these physiological behaviors have already been explained on some level. However, one area of the human nature, that has had researchers and scientists confused for a long time, is the human’s mind. Many things happening inside our heads seem not to make any sense, and so far have no tangible explanation of why they occur and how. One of the most fascinating and mysterious sections of psychology is that of dreaming.

What are actually dreams? Dreaming is a different state of consciousness. Our brains are in constant activity and are emitting odd brain waves. Dreams are the perfect transaction of mind, body, and spirit. Some events that happened to you before going to sleep, or some time ago, may be reviewed in your dream.

We dream thousands of dreams every night, but why and what do they mean? We spend one third of our lives sleeping and 15-20% of that time is spent dreaming. Dreams are explained by scientists as a sequence of images that appear subconsciously in the mind of a person asleep, which often include real and imaginary characters, and events.

But a dream is not only a reminiscence of our past or a strange biochemical reaction. A dream is our propulsion to the future. It gives us strength and desire to move on. Strange realities and the most fascinating inventions appear owing to our dreams. One says that if you are longing to have something, just dream about it. Still, keep in mind that your dreams may materialize.


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