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Barn Burning by William Faulkner Summary Essay Example

If I had to write my essays on just two books, “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner would definitely be one of them (another would be Asimov’s “Foundation”). This is one of the most vivid descriptions of conflict between classes and the devastating consequences it has for society.

“Barn burning” is a story of famous American writer, Nobel laureate William Faulkner. It is one of the most popular works of the author, published in 1939 and, despite the fact that most of his works are rather complex for the perception of an ordinary reader, this story has managed to attract the attention of the most diverse audience.

The main subject line is the story of class conflict and revenge, as a form of human aggression, the total effect of the father determining the fate of his children.

The story begins with hearing of a case of arson shed a neighbor, which was perpetrated by the father of Sartoris Snopes (the boy on whose behalf the story is told). For the lack of evidence, Abner Snopes (the boy’s father) was able to avoid a punishment, which for such an act was assumed to be sufficiently severe. The Snopes family gets a chance to start a new life elsewhere, but the complex nature of the father, his extreme hatred for society and a passion for arson create the same problems at the new place.

Because of his uncontrollable hate to the highest social strata, Abner Snopes deliberately spoils the property of his new employer, the Major of Spain and his wife Lull. He decided to tumble into the Major’s house and leaves on expensive white carpet dirty trail of boots, soiled in horse manure. The Major brings the carpet in the house of Abner and orders to clean it. An attempt to return pristine condition to the carpet failed, for which Major imposes to Abner a penalty of 25 bushels of corn, which was reduced to 10 bushels after a trial upon this case is.

Resentment and hatred again pushes Abner on…


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