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I cannot say that I love reading, but I undoubtedly enjoy it, depending on the mood I am in. It is not a secret that statistics is “showing scaring figures” about the downgrading trend of reading preference in many developed countries. I agree with the numbers, but believe that the definition “scary” is given to it either by mistake or due to incomplete and not evaluated information.

In the modern world young population has a lot of opportunities that our parents and especially our grandparents could not even dream about. Information and knowledge about the world, philosophy and development was limited by the means that were available for people to transfer and share it. In this situation books and other reading sources played major role in the development of social and individual knowledge.

Today reading has to compete with numerous entertainment and information sources and the preferences that determine the reading statistics are no longer that straightforward and simple. We do not choose between genres and authors exclusively, but include time value and reliability of the information we receive through books, internet, radio or television into consideration. Academic reading evolved, probably, more than other types of reading due to the fact that new developments, such as internet, provided students and scholars with an opportunity to use their time more efficiently. If twenty years ago in order to find information about particular historical event we had to go to the library and look through thousands of pages before we find what we were looking for, now we can simply “google” it. For some reason people very often see this fact as the downside in terms of reading, rather than upside.

I am convinced that we are not getting less educated or widely minded by not spending that amount of time for reading. I could even argue that if we can balance reading with other ways of information obtaining, we only benefit from it. I do not read a lot, but I enjoy some reading from time to time just for pleasure.

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