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Economies and Their Modes of Production

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Agro-Business and in Relation to Hunger and Famine

Hunger and famine are two natural calamities that have serious and devastating effects on the life in this planet. Famine is a long season without rain, which leads to a decrease in agricultural productivity. Of course, this leads to hunger. In the various economies around the world, man is engaged in trading activities. Agro-business is one of the trading activities. This essay seeks to establish the position that agro-business exaggerates hunger and famine rather than help in curbing it.

According to Miller, Esterik P. and Esterik J. (82), the activities characterizing agro-business over-exploit the environment. For instance, producers are pressured to produce more so as to make more money while taxes levied by governments push people to adopt environmentally unfriendly production measures.

These exploitation services lead to degradation of some major habitats. These include the rainforests. These habitats are destroyed in bids to extend the farming lands or secure ranching areas. More habitats are cleared in an attempt to secure water and energy sources (Miller, Esterik P. and Esterik J, 83). Though these activities might seem to pay off at first, the long-term effects are scary to even think about.

Once the rainforests are cleared in search for arable lands, there is the probability that the weather patterns would change. Rainfall patterns would change and productivity of the land would decrease. These habitats are also the water catchment areas. Therefore, destroying them means that the lands in lower regions would have no water. This becomes a double catastrophe: there is draught and the water catchment as well as rain attraction areas are destroyed. The results are obvious.

For this reason, this paper strongly advocates for a cessation in agro-business. it might look like a promising aspect but in real sense, it is just a time bomb waiting for the right moment to unleash its destructive powers on humanity.

Work Cited

Miller, Barbara, Esterik, Penny Van & Esterik, John Van. Cultural Anthropology, (Fourth Canadian Edition). 2010. Canada: Pearson Education.


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